Leadership is not a title.

I’ve learned through many years of leadership experience, oftentimes the hard way, that leadership is primarily about who I am as a person rather than what I do, or where my title places me in the organizational chart.  As a leader, it can be a challenge to keep our ego in check. To be an effective leader, we each must develop a certain amount of humility, emotional intelligence, and an understanding of the responsibility we have to others as their leader.

My name is Jill Lewis and I am the founder of Mosaic Leadership Consulting, LLC. Mosaic is the result of a passion for teaching others to be great leaders and a powerful entrepreneurial spirit. I am a leadership and business consultant, specializing in leadership coaching using emotional intelligence skills, team building and conflict resolution, and creative problem solving in industries where creativity is not always considered important or necessary.


My Story

In the early 90s, armed with an MBA, I set out to do big things, to be in charge of something. I believed I had solid leadership abilities (at the tender age of 25) and I wanted to put those skills to the test. Quite by accident but with the help of a great network , I landed in the healthcare industry and spent the next 15 years as both a consultant and senior leader in hospitals and private physician practices. It was an exciting career and I loved helping organizations discover new ways to solve problems, developing their leaders, and being part of something worthwhile and crucial to many people’s lives.

Through trial and error, I learned the right and wrong way to lead people. I have worked for great leaders and not-so-great ones. The great ones mentored me along the way – the others showed me the kind of leader I didn’t want to be. All had their value and influenced my passion for leadership. That passion led me to start Mosaic in order to expand my skills and affect change in a diverse set of industries. Combined with a recent Master of Science in Leadership and Ethics degree from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, I have gained invaluable experience in cultivating emotionally intelligent, transformational, and innovative leaders.

At Mosaic, I am dedicated to educating, mentoring, and creating leaders with integrity and a passion for serving those around them. I am at my proudest witnessing your growth as a leader as a result of our work together. My goal is to nurture and guide you toward transformation through effective leadership and intentional business strategies so that you can best serve your people, your community, and yourself.

“Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.”

– John C. Maxwell