Look to Your Managers First

Manager contemplatingGood employees leaving good jobs. It’s a common problem in today’s workplace and at first glance, it seems like a mystery right? Why would someone who has the brains, the experience and the work ethic leave a job that pays well and comes with a nice benefits package, seek employment elsewhere?  We are tempted to blame it on fickle employees – a younger generation ready to jump the fence for the least bit of greener grass.

In reality though all the benefits in the world can’t counteract a bad manager. Managers are on the front line of keeping workers happy and motivated. Studies show that more than any other reason, a bad manager is why workers leave otherwise good jobs.

It’s frustrating to think that when your company is offering competitive pay, good benefits and a strong mission, people will still leave your company if they hate their manager. What does that tell us?

That who you hire and how they treat people is far, far more important than anything else in your business. The who and the how still dominate office culture.

People who feel disrespected, ignored or undervalued by their managers will leave the entire company. In a world where anyone with a computer and internet access can create their own jobs, companies can’t afford to isolate their workers.

Protect your business through building a culture of support. Managers need to be advocates for their employees. Make sure every manager does these three things:

  • Encourage their team. As the leader of the team, managers need to be a source of inspiration and encouragement. People work better when they know their work is valued. Managers should encourage each team member to contribute!
  • Respect their team. No one responds well to being disrespected. If a manager is flippant or arrogant with their team members, employees will remember it. Don’t belittle anyone. Every worker deserves respect.
  • Support their team. Managers need to go to bat for their team. Whether it’s a parent asking for a day off to be with their sick kid, or a young employee asking for feedback on how to improve, managers must show their team that they have their back. Support can come in many ways, but it is essential for success.

Don’t let one bad apple ruin the whole bunch. Creating a top-down system of respect and encouragement will be one of the best things you can do for your business.