The Spirit of Generosity

Recently I watched a video of Simon Sinek – my favorite leadership guru (you can watch it here), and in it he talks about an experience he had on an airplane with his seatmate and her lack of “a spirit of generosity”. If you fly often, you can probably guess how that went…anyway, it got me thinking about this generous spirit in our organizations.

Have you worked with that person who likes to keep all their information or knowledge to themselves? They guard what they know like a treasure and only break it out when it most benefits them. They seem to enjoy watching others flounder, knowing their knowledge could help pave a smoother path. Who wants to spend even one minute with that person??

As leaders, we should all be in the spirit of generosity. Sharing our knowledge, our resources, our lessons and wisdom, and whatever else we have that can make someone else’s life easier or help them on their path to greatness is the mark of a leader truly serving the organization and his or her followers.

As team members, we offer our help and support on a project. We create a culture that breeds generosity instead of selfishness and scarcity. We show up each day asking “how may I be of service to my organization?”

Show up every day with the willingness and enthusiasm to share your time, your knowledge, your praise, and your support for the people who look to you as the leader – in your organizations, your communities and your own homes.generosity-climbing

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly the spirit of generosity will spread.