Mosaic’s purpose is to teach leadership values that transform organizations and inspire the leader in everyone

As a leader, you have a powerful responsibility to your followers. I work with you to fulfill that responsibility by helping you better understand your role, how to maximize your effectiveness, and how to grow as an individual.

Through self-assessment and 360 feedback, we’ll work together to focus on your values and create a safe atmosphere for discovering blind spots, talking through challenges, and honoring your strengths and talents. By choosing Mosaic, you’re choosing to build trust and invest in creating connections.

mbtiAs a certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) facilitator, I work to help you understand your personality preferences, how you communicate and express yourself, and how you relate to others. Together, we explore the benefits of self-awareness, personal influence, and mastering your purpose and vision through one on one coaching.

When you open yourself up to learning as an emotionally intelligent leader, you expand the possibilities for your organization, for engaging your employees, and reaching unlimited success and fulfillment.

As individuals, our situation and corresponding needs are often unique and I tailor a program that is suited to provide the best results for YOU. I typically work with clients in 6 month or one-year programs. Experience has taught me that not only does it take time and repetition to achieve the best results, it also encourages you to invest time in your own learning process.

If you want to explore how Mosaic could help you become the best leader you can be or you know someone that could benefit from one on one leadership coaching, please click on the Request a Consultation page, fill out your information and let’s talk! It would be my honor to work with you.