Want to find your blind spots as a leader and position yourself for success? Maybe you and your team want to solve problems in new, creative ways. Whatever your goal, Mosaic can help you get there. Check out the Leadership Development or Team Transformation packages below.

  • Leadership Development

    The wise, often quoted Cheshire Cat said “if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there”. The Leadership Development package includes one-on-one leadership coaching that offers powerful tools to help achieve the goals on your leadership path.  We utilize the MBTI assessment, a 360-degree evaluation tool, and develop your Leadership Development Plan to customize a straightforward plan for you to become the leader that transforms organizations and inspires others to succeed.

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  • Team Transformation

    Is your team realizing its full potential?  Or do the members get bogged down by personality issues, unable to establish real goals, make decisions, and produce quality results?  The Team Transformation package uses the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to assess each member and the team as a whole and works with the principles of true teamwork like trust, holding each other accountable, overcoming resistance to conflict, and attention to the results you want as their leader.

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