It is virtually impossible to go through life without encountering the challenges of teamwork. No doubt you work on a team somewhere in your life – whether at work, at home, within your church, or civic organization.

The real power of teamwork is the ability to achieve far more than an individual could ever do alone. But the power still eludes us mostly because teams are made up of people – imperfect and sometimes dysfunctional people.

Mosaic works with you and your team to uncover the dysfunctions keeping you from fully experiencing and enjoying the results of a cohesive team. Because every team is different and experiences different issues, Mosaic will develop a solution uniquely geared to addressing your team’s greatest challenges.

To get an idea of the most used tools and solutions, check out our Team Transformation package to learn more.

  • One day (or more if needed) initial meeting with the team’s leader and each team member to assess the current situation, discuss possible issues with the team’s ability to succeed, and gauge each member’s (and the leader’s) end goals
  • Myers Briggs Team Assessment
  • Individual assessment to uncover any team dysfunction
  • Team meetings with Mosaic as facilitator to discuss and present importance of addressing challenges with specific “how-to” strategies
  • Discussion of real, tangible results
  • Check-in for progress on team behavior and cohesiveness
  • Make sure team is holding each other accountable for progress and positive results

Benefits for You:


MBTI Team Assessment

Just as MBTI helps you see preferences and patterns in your individual behavior, your team as a whole presents preferences and patterns also. Awareness of these preferences and patterns within your team will reveal communication challenges, an avoidance of conflict within the group, or difficulty holding each other accountable and give us a starting point for building a cohesive team.


Facilitation of Team Meetings:

Oftentimes, an experienced but disinterested party used as a facilitator can bring calmness to an otherwise tense situation.  It’s also difficult to hear an idea or solution from the guy you work with everyday but hearing from someone new can put a whole new spin on it.  Depending upon the problems your team may be having or perhaps the team is new and you want to get them started on the right track, I can help.  This package is designed to customize to your team’s unique situation.