Your Personal Concept of Leadership

I started Mosaic in part to start a conversation about what makes a great leader. There are so many “bad” leaders running around making many people’s lives totally miserable. Believe me, I’ve worked for several of them…

A couple of years ago, as part of my own leadership development, I considered my personal concept of leadership…what did I believe leaders should do and was I showing up as a good leader or a not so good one. The exercise forced me to dig deep, revealing a false belief that as a leader I was responsible for everything and everyone under my box on the org chart. And if I was solely responsible, then I must be in control of everyone and everything.

But here was the truth: I can’t control anyone – and subconsciously knowing that, I always showed up in a constant state of fear.

How can I get my job done if I have to rely on people I can’t control?

How can I be successful if I have to rely on others to do a job for which I am responsible?

What if they don’t do it right?

That kind of thinking made me a stressed-out, unhappy leader.

I’ll tell you a secret – many leaders feel this way and it comes out in the way they lead. Micromanaging everyone, demonstrating an unwillingness to make decisions, over-focusing on “the numbers”, and an inability to communicate openly (and honestly) are all symptoms of a fearful leader.

Leadership is not about trying to control everyone and everything. Leadership is not about being responsible for everything.

Leadership is about nurturing your followers, showing up and being yourself, and continuously learning. And no, you don’t have to know everything which is good because none of us know everything.

Leadership is as much about WHO you are as WHAT you do…maybe more so.

What’s your personal concept of leadership? Write it down. You may be surprised at what is revealed.

I’d love for you to join me in this conversation – let’s change our ideas about leadership.

Feel free to post a comment or just share your own personal concept of leadership – your feedback helps me offer insights and write articles that are of interest to you.